About Me


Right now just me.  My name is George, I’ve been in the industry since 1991 doing a fair array of things.  PC and network design and repair, Network and Server Administration (Windows and some Linux)

Even though I think they are a waste of money I was able to pick up a few certifications on the way.  I thought about getting more and upgrading the current but the cost benefit ratio just wasn’t there.


It is not uncommon for me to get random questions related to computers.  I thought if I were to post these questions and some answers maybe I would help others in the process. I also needed a faster way to lookup answers to random question that that I may not tackle often.

And, Documenting things is the best way to remember and see if you’ve forgotten anything along the way. There is no single place that has all the answers. Having said that you can try spiceworks.com

It’s a free help-desk software that lot of admins use and they also have a forum where they share their experience.

Not only that, it also helps me remember things that i may not use often.


Right now on my site tgfocus.com.com


When I get around to it.  Hopefully soon.